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Consular Assistance for a passport application at the Nigerian Embassy abroad

The consular department of the Nigerian Embassy offers consular services to it's citizens who need to apply for a new passport or emergency travel document.

Only the Nigerian Embassy can assist you with your passport application while you are abroad. The consular department of the Embassy  provides the passport application form and can inform you on the procedures to submit an application for a new passport or emergency travel document.

You can renew your passport by filling an application form at the consular office of the Nigerian Embassy. When there is no Nigerian Embassy present you can contact a Nigerian Consulate or contact the Nigerian Embassy at the nearest location either by e-mail or telephone.

Always contact the Nigerian Embassy by telephone or e-mail before you apply for a new passport. In many cases you need first to make an appointment with the Embassy.

Always visit the official website of the Nigerian Embassy to read about the procedures for applying for a new passport. Some countries have strict passport picture requirements and at many embassies your fingerprints must be saved and therefore a personal appearance could be necessary.

You can find all the information on the official website of the Nigerian Embassy or Consulate.

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